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BADGE FOR LIFE “Badge For Life has been created to provide a visible prescence for an invisible virus, called COVID-19. By wearing your badge; you can show your support for our NHS and Essential Workers, as well as raise funds to save lives. “Badge for Life” helps you to do your part in keeping you and your loved ones safe, by highlighting the social distancing rule. A visual reminder is need for when we are out shopping, excersizing or going to work. Ensuring our safety as well as the safety of others, will SAVE LIVES & KEEP US SAFE. All badges, wristbands, key fobs, fridge magnets etc… will be produced here in the UK, in a sterile safe environment and delivered to your home within 1-5 working days. Choose the theme that suits you best, place your order and remind all whom you encounter of the importance of social distancing, whilst raising money to benefit those risking their lives to protect us daily. The fund will provide Petrol, Groceries, PPE kits, Childcare, Taxis to and from a late or early shift. In fact, anything an NHS or Essential Service worker will need to make their daily lives a lot easier as they fight to protect us. As you know the work they do is not paid well enough for them to go about their daily jobs without worrying. We the British people will show our love and support to our heroes by making their lives less stressful. “Badge for life has been designed to keep UK citizens safe. When you wear a badge of your choosing with pride, you will be able to display a visible presence to an invisible virus. You can be a part of history by uniting the U.K in our fight to stay safe by reminding us all that when we are out shopping, exercising or going about our essential work activity, that we are united in protecting OURSELVES as well as our NHS & ESSENTIAL WORKERS from becoming infected.