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Why Badge For Life?

Badge For Life has been created to give a visual presence to an invisible virus COVID-19

With your purchase, we can support 3 great charities, who are working tirelessly to ensure more lives are saved through their work.

They are also striving to make the lives of those infected or affected by the virus, a lot more tolerable.

The Charities we are raising funds for work with babies, young children, adults, and the elderly, to ensure they are supported where it is required.

The services they are currently providing during the Coronavirus pandemic are keeping so many people safe, or enabling those who need family support to receive that too.

We are asking you, to do your part. Purchase one of our badge/fridge magnets and support them in continuing the invaluable work they are doing.

Wear your Badge For Life with pride or place its pride of place on a metallic surface, in the knowledge that your purchase will generate much-needed funding for GOSH, Marie Curie, and Communities 1st.

Just think of how much your purchase will assist our charities? All of whom have seen significant cuts in their funding due to the pandemic.

How You Can Support Your Heroes

Purchase the badge/fridge/magnet of your choice.

Our products are manufactured and distributed by U.K businesses. One of our suppliers is a Royal Warrant Holder

The important thing to do to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you is not compromised, is to wear a visual reminder.


Our Safety Is In Our Hands

Badge For Life enables you to display your support on a daily basis for our heroes.

A visual reminder of the social distancing rule will keep you and your loved ones safe.

Choose a design of your choice, place your order and wear your Badge with pride showing the world we are all in this together.

Our heroes will be able to go about their duties in the knowledge that we are thinking of them.

Give a visual presence to an invisible virus, and STAY SAFE.